May 5, 2016

Adding Images Into A Template

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to place your images into the spaces provided by our templates at The Shoppe.

When you open a template from The Shoppe you will see something that looks like the image below. The dark grey area is the area designated for placing your images.
Open Document

Once you have your template file open it’s time to get an image into it. Go ahead and open an image that you wish to place into the template. After the file is opened you need to select the entire image. Do this by navigating to the “Select” menu and choosing “All”.

Select All

You will know that your image is selected when a moving dotted line appears around the entire file. This dotted line is commonly referred to as “the marching ants”. When you confirm that your image is selected it is now time to copy that selection. Navigate to the “Edit” menu and choose “Copy”. Nothing visible will happen but rest assured that your image has been copied and we will call on it later.


You are now finished with that image. You can close the file if you desire. At this time, move back to the template file and focus in on your “Layers” panel. This panel is usually located on the far right side near the bottom of the screen. Once you have located the “Layers” panel you will see a grouping called “Images”. Clicking the arrow to the left will expand the group and reveal the layer containing the grey area. This is where you will be placing your image. Right click the layer thumbnail as seen in the image below.

Click Layer

When you have right clicked the layer thumbnail you will receive a menu. Choose the “Select Pixels” option and you should see the grey image placement area become surrounded by “marching ants.”

Select Pixels

With this area selected navigate to the “Edit” menu followed by the “Paste Special” sub-menu and finally select “Paste Into”. If you are using an older version of Photoshop the “Paste Into” option may be directly inside the “Edit” menu. This is not a problem and will merely save you an additional step.

Paste Into

As soon as you select “Paste Into” you should see that the image you previously copied has appeared and is shaped and sized just like the grey image placeholder area. You will also notice in the “Layers” panel that a new layer has been created with your image and a mask. The mask is just a component that works to show or hide a portion of the image. In this case it is allowing your image to show through in a very specific area. Our original grey image placeholder layer is undisturbed beneath our new layer and will be ready to access again if you decide to change the image.

New Layer

All that is left to do now is to position your image appropriately. Do this by selecting the layer thumbnail that includes your image and simply drag the image around on the canvas. You will notice that your image is not cropped but is merely being hidden from view except in the grey area. (Thanks to the mask) Feel free to scale and move the image as you normally would. When you find a position you like you can hide the layer with the grey image placeholder. Do this by clicking the eye to the left of the layer. It is a good idea to do this before printing as it will keep the grey area from being visible.


This concludes the tutorial. I hope this was informative and easy to follow.



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