Adding Images

So you have your shiny new templates from The Shoppe. Now what? Even if you a re a Photoshop novice you can still work with our templates, add your images and make changes as you wish. Follow these easy steps to place your images into our templates.

Each template includes an image layer. Look for the shape layers in the files named “image”.
1. Open your photo file

2. Hit COMMAND (mac) CONTROL (pc) and A to select the image

3. Hit COMMAND (mac) CONTROL (pc) and C to copy the image

4. The image is now floating in cyber space

5. Next, go to the template file. Click on the shape layer labelled “image”

6. Hold down the COMMAND (mac) CONTROL (pc) and click on the image layer. The outline of the image shape will become selected.

7. Hit COMMAND (mac) CONTROL (pc) + SHIFT + V This will paste the image INTO the shape.

8. Next you’ll need to resize the image to the box.  Do this by selecting CONTROL + T for pc users, COMMAND+ T for Mac users.  Next, grab a corner and hold the Shift key to maintain proportion of the image.  Drag the image corners so it fits in the box.  Hit return, and that’s it.

9. If you have multiple images in one template, just follow the steps again.

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