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Vintage Winter Lightroom Presets Mini Set


Vintage Winter Lightroom Presets Mini Set

This set of 8 Lightroom Presets is perfect for adding a bit of winter color to your shoots this season. Each one is quite different but has its own distinct winter colors and vintage nostalgia. Also includes 4 stylized presets and 4 bonus utility presets!

4 Stylized Vintage Winter Lightroom Presets

4 Bonus utility Presets (add grain, boost exposure, boost contrast, vignette)

images by Meghan Aileen Photography

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Dreamy Skies Photoshop Sky Overlays by Meghan Aileen NEW at The Shoppe Designs

Dreamy Skies Photoshop Sky Overlays by Meghan Aileen


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Dreamy Skies Replacement Skies Set

This set of 16 skies photo overlays were shot by Meghan Aileen from the countryside of Nashville to the beaches of South Carolina and Hawaii! It includes a variety of forgeous fluffy clouds, whispy streaks, and amazing sunsets. Sometimes when we shoot images the sky gets blown out. If the exposure of the subject is different than the bright sky and you don’t fill with flash the sky will be blown out. These are meant to replace those skies for you! Also sometimes the sky in your image is just not that exciting even if it is exposed well. Even includes a great one for backlit images with the sun poking through the clouds.

 Buy Them On Sale for the FIRST Week Here.


16 flat JPG files

Each file is 5322px x 3548px

Photos by Meghan Aileen Photography


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Some of the Best Things in Life ARE Free! ~ Free Boudoir Photoshop Action at Prop-aganda!

Free Boudoir Photoshop Action at Prop-aganda! free photoshop action, free boudoir, free boudoir actions, prop-aganda, meghan aileen, the shoppe, prop-aganda


Get this sample of one of our Photoshop actions FREE for a limited time only at PROP-AGANDA! Perfect for boudoir and pin up, this black and white free Photoshop Action will be a great addition to your collections.

Brought to you courtesy of Meghan Aileen of The Shoppe Actions and Designs.




Compatible with Photoshop CS and CC not Compatible with Elements

Photo by Halay Alex

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Photoshop Actions Editing Tips: Recipes by Meghan Aileen

Photoshop Actions Editing Tips

I love this outtake from my Woodland Princess shoot with Fiona. Her “shirt” (wrapped fabric) is falling down, she is cracking up I think because I told her to say “stinky” and she is holding the blue lollipop that I had to bribe her with to cooperate for the shoot. We didn’t make it til the end before I had to give it to her. Actually in the image with her and the frog image she was really holding and looking at her lollipop! I just replaced it with a shot I took of a frog I found hanging out outside my office. they always sit outside my door! 🙂


Anyway! This is a recipe using the NEW Colors of Autumn Fall Photoshop Actions Set I just released. It is only $25 and includes 4 signature complete actions, 3 bonus utility actions, and a bonus lightleak texture overlay! CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT!

This was edited using:

  • Vintage Autumn 68%
  • Sweet October 100%
  • Sharpen: 70%
  • Grain 75%


COLORSOFAUTUMNSAMPLE What are your thoughts?


xoxo Meghan Aileen

New Autumn Colors Photoshop Actions by Meghan Aileen with Bonus FREE Photoshop Actions

Autumn Colors Photoshop Actions by Meghan Aileen

This mini set of Photoshop actions for CS or CC is perfct for those fall sessions. It includes 4 signature actions with different feels that all compliment the colors of fall. From vintage to modern to sweet and warm this set is perfect for enhancing those fall portraits.

photoshop actions, free photoshop actions, meghan aileen


Also includes Meghan’s bonus set of 3 free photosphop actions – 3 utility actions including, sharpen, add grain and add contrast to help you while you are editing.

BONUS number 2 is the included free Light Leak Texture Overlay! This custom shot and created light leak overlay texture is a nice addition to the actions to add a real unique film like feel.

Set of 4 signature actions in a .atn Photoshop file

Set of 3 BONUS utility actions in a .atn Photoshop file

1 300dpi Light Leak Overlay Texture file .jpg

Images by Meghan Aileen Photography

This set is compatible with Photoshop CS or CC. It is not compatible with Photoshop Elements.

Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets Editing Tips and Recipes

This week we had some amazing foggy mornings. I love the fog. It creates such atmosphere and beauty. My favorite type of images are a bit moody and a bit whimsical.This is what I was aiming for in this image. Fiona was much less than cooperative this day so I had to shoot this very quickly! Although she did pick out her own outfit. That dress was mine when I was a child. I wore I it as a flower girl in my aunts wedding I believe. I love that my mom saved those things and that I can see her wear them now.

Editing it with the Matty and Peas and Cream gives it a more film like look and brings out the contrast of the leaves and the fog.

Get the Photoshop Actions Set HERE and the Lightroom Presets set HERE.

Want to share your recipes with us? Download the FREE TEMPLATE here and email to us at


Comment with your thoughts below!


xoxo Meghan Aileen


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Photoshop Action Recipes, Editing Tips for Photographers

This week I have been editing my images from our beach vacation. I just love the blue color of the sky and sea and I think it is just amazing to be able to enhance that from what was originally shot. I used Blondie a Photoshop action from the Memento Collection as well as the texture Cross Processed Paint from the Nostalgia Textures Collection. Both of these really bring our the amazing aquas and refreshing blues that are so gorgeous in nature.

Get the Memento Photoshop Actions HERE and the Nostalgia Texture set HERE.

Want to share your recipes with us? Download the FREE TEMPLATE here and email to us at or post on our Facebook Page HERE!

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New at The Shoppe ~ Americana Lightroom Presets by Meghan Aileen

Americana Lightroom Presets

This brand new set of Adobe Lightroom (RAW editing program) Presets makes editing your images with stylized beauty simple and easy. With one click your images will have that classic American vintage feel. It comes with 18 Lightroom presets designed to emulate different types of film both black and white and color. Many have a nice matte feel like classic vintage film as well as a good level of grain to give a bit of a rustic feel.


  • Apple Pie
  • Back to School
  • Baseball
  • BBQ
  • Boost Contrast
  • Boost Exposure
  • Charlie
  • Movie Star BW
  • Elsa BW
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Jenny
  • Matty
  • More Peach Pie
  • Plain Jane
  • Polaroid Tone
  • Sebastian
  • Victorian BW
  • You’re Cool

Photos by Meghan Aileen