By purchasing templates from The Shoppe Designs you agree to the following terms of use:
– All designs with this site are ©2009-2012 The Shoppe Designs. All rights reserved.
– Please respect federal copyright and do not share the products/files with others.
– You may not alter the templates (or any of the digital elements) and resell the files as your own designs.
– All products are available for personal and limited commercial usage. As a Photographer, you may use the templates to create products for your clients and collateral for your business, using professional photographs in printed or web form.
– You may not advertise the templates for sale to the general public. (i.e. Ebay auctions or Etsy stores, therefore, you may not offer these templates as part of an online business where a client submits a photograph and you deliver a printed product.)
– Due to the digital nature of these products offered, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN!
 If you have any questions regarding terms of use, please contact me before purchasing.
**We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who knowingly violates federal copyright laws.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you make more than one copy of your templates BEFORE starting to work on them! You want to be able to come back to the original and use the template again or make new changes. You can also burn a disc with your templates for safe keeping. Make sure not to save over your original template file!

Q: Are the elements in the templates editable?

A: Yes, the files for the templates are layered Photoshop files. They include a background, design elements, and photo masks. In some templates the elements have been combined with the background, but in many cases they are separate.

Q: How can I change the color of some of the design elements in the templates?

A: Please see our tutorials for some help with changing colors. click here

Q: How do I paste my images into the templates?

A: Please see our tutorials

Q: Are your templates compatible with Photoshop Elements?

A: All our newer templates include an ungroup action that allows them to be compatible with Elements. if you download an older template that does not include the action please contact us and we will email it to you. The actions and presets are only compatible if stated in the listing.

Q: Is there someone you suggest for printing?

A: Most of our templates are standard sizes that can be used with any professional lab for printing. Some products are specifically made for a certain product at a certain lab. Please see the individual listings for more information. A list of our favorite labs can be found here.

Q: Can I use elements on my website or other marketing pieces for design purposes?

A: Yes in fact we encourage it!

Q: Do you sell to other designers?

A: No you may not use our designs in other designs and sell them as your own.

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