$1000 in Photoshop Actions & Templates for JUST $99! Only at The Shoppe Designs & Actions!

$1000 in Photoshop Actions & Templates for JUST $99!

Only at The Shoppe Designs & Actions!

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Take advantage of this AMAZING Limited time offer. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, For JUST $99, you can get $1000 in Shoppe Dollars to spend in our store. You will also get a year to spend it in case you don’t need everything right now. You will certainly have plenty to buy with your $1000 in credit! Not to mention we come out with NEW items every month.

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*What exactly am I purchasing? Is is a gift certificate? No. You are purchasing a special annual membership to The Shoppe. We offer unlimited downloads in our store for $399 a year. The $99 for $1000 offer is simply a special offer to join annually for a smaller fee and limited download ability.

*How do I use my $1000 Shoppe Dollars? Simple! Once you have purchased your membership, Please be sure to login before going shopping each time you would like to download something. You will see a DOWNLOAD button instead of an ADD TO CART button next to each item.

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Shoppe Satire ~ Humor for Photographers ~ TANKS & TEES LIMITED EDITION

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For the first time and exclusively being offered on Prop-Aganda.com are Shoppe Satire shirts! Our popular funny posters that we post weekly on our Facebook page have been shared all over the world and now they are available for you to wear.

We will be offering one saying per month so these are limited edition items. These shirts are soft and comfortable!


Please specify size in the notes to seller upon checkout: SIZES:  XL, L, M, S

Shirt Brand: Tultex

Pre-Shrunk 100% Ringspun cotton

Shipping $6

If you order multiple shirts you only pay one shipping fee up to 15 shirts!!


Please allow 2-3 weeks for arrival



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The ABC’s of SEO ~ THE THREE H’S ~ Business Tips for Photographers from The Shoppe Marketeer

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Business Tips for Photographers ~ The ABC’s of SEO



Last week on the blog, I brought you a great first step in The ABC’s of SEO for professional photographers, and promised you more letters in the ABC’S of SEO to come. As it turns out, in the SEO alphabet, there is not one H but THREE H’S and all are important to your blog’s On Page SEO. What are these “H’s”? They are your headings tags. Headings are pieces of HTML code that allow you to make certain words stand out on a page and they do more than make your blog easier to read and more balanced on the page. They also alert search engines as to what content you have on the page which helps you appear in appropriate search results. When you using WordPress, the process is simplified and knowledge of HTML is not necessary. Your access to the Headings Tags is in the drop down menu below your font effects in the toolbar above your text composition box as can be shown in the screenshot below.


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So how do you use the three H’s now that you know where they are and what they mean to your SEO? You think back to last week and those keywords you jotted down to help point the right potential clients to your site, and any key words that may be of importance in each particular blog post. For instance, I want photographers who are seeking business tips to find my Shoppe Marketeer blog posts, so I use ” Business Tips for Photographers” in my headings. You always want to make an effort in every blog post to use H1 (as your title) and then H2 and H3 with the inclusion of your keywords. We can use last week’s example of my Shoppe Marketeer blog as an example. It’s always easier to show than it is to tell, so take a look at the screenshot below where the headings (H1,H2, and H3) were used.


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How exactly do you use the headings function simply in WordPress? Highlight and click! Much the way you would italicize a grouping of words or change their size, simply highlight the text you wish to use as your heading (with your key words, of course!!) and select the appropriate heading from the drop down. I center my headings to just keep it clean and pleasing to the reader’s eye. Always remember that search engines weight H1 the highest so always make sure you have your key words in a H1 Heading Title and then use your keywords in a heading 2 and a heading 3 as you write. Look for opportunities to use your key words in a sub heading. Think of them as opportunities to separate paragraphs or to begin a new thought. With practice it will come easily.

Step in two in growing into your SEO guru hat is that simple! Keep an eye out now that I’ve shared the three H’s with you, and coming soon I’ll share the B, I, and U!

Don’t forget, if there is anything that you’d like to learn about to help you with your marketing and business development, I’d be happy to hear what it might be. You can email me at assistant@theshoppedesigns.com and I’ll see ya back here next week for the B, I, U of the SEO!











Want $25 worth of FREE Photoshop Actions &  Templates from The Shoppe?! How about getting published on our blog and social network pages? We’ve got an offer for you! Simply visit the shop here to download our lovely Before & After Shoppe Designs Actions FREE Photoshop Template, insert YOUR lovely work with credit and watermark, and submit them for publishing here. If we publish your work, we’ll send you a $25 gift card good any templates or actions in the shop! We can’t WAIT to see what wonderful things you do with our action sets!:)Please feel free to use the free templates for sharing your before and after images on your blog too!

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Download this template to use to show off the way you have used The Shoppe Photoshop Actions! We love to see what you have done with your work and our photoshop actions. We have left a place for your credit, but we encourage you to put your watermark on the images as well. Please send your submissions to contact@theshoppedesigns.com or upload them to our facebook page at HERE.


Two templates one for horizontal images and one for vertical.

Layered .psd files

Compatible with Elements, CS or above.

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For Art’s Sake Project: A 52 Week Journey ~ Week 2 In A Professional Photographer’s Challenge

 For Art’s Sake Project: A 52 Week Journey

Week 2 In A Professional Photographer’s Challenge

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Week 2 In A Professional Photographer’s Challenge

During week 2 in my professional photographer’s challenge, I think I have found a medium and a process I feel inspired by and I think that is helping a lot to create the right environment in my head to find some inspiration. There is so much freedom in not having to have this art have a purpose, or a marketing plan. There is no client that needs to approve of it.  It doesn’t have to mean anything if I don’t want it to. It seems to be turning out that it does anyway, without intention. This one I feel has the kind of contrast that I have always loved. I used to do this in my wedding work. I would shoot a bride in a dark or even burnt landscape. It has a moodiness and a darkness along with a bit of lightness and innocence. If you look closely you can see a face in the rock.  He has a sadness to him and seems alone in the flat landscape. The little girl that stands on top of him represents youth, innocence and freedom with her umbrella she seems she could just float anywhere she pleases off into the clouds. They are facing away from each other, though they are touching, they do not seem to be really connected. A common problem in our society these days, even in our families.
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 For Art’s Sake Project: A 52 Week Journey

Week 2 In A Professional Photographer’s Challenge

I think that work has a great deal to do with this disconnection. The cost of living has skyrocketed and the average salaries have not. We don’t rest enough, at least here in American culture. We don’t value rest, in fact, we tend to look down on it as lazy and unproductive. But if we don’t rest, we eventually end up even more unproductive. We become unhealthy and unhappy, and as creatives, we end up uninspired and bitter. I know it is hard to do for some of us. It took me having a child to force me to learn to slow down a bit. Sitting and doing something simple with her made me crazy at first. And yes it still does a bit sometimes:)But I am learning to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, that spending time with people and resting is also productive, or at least it is purposeful. This project is only one step in this journey for me. Maybe by the time she is in college I will have this whole work, life, art balance on lock down. I have some time, she is only two years old.;)I am sure I will need it!
If you are doing this along with me but struggling to find inspiration, it might be the lack of boundaries I talked about last week. This week if you are having trouble, maybe create something that, to you, represents how you feel about your work/life balance. Are you frustrated? How can you show frustration? Do you feel like you are on a journey? Make something that represents your journey, or any journey if that is too specific. We are all on many journeys….
Hope to see you next week for week 3 in a professional photographer’s challenge.
Meghan Aileen