• Welcome. I am hoping if you are here you love the art of photography. Whether it’s just a hobby or you are a seasoned pro, I hope to encourage you to find and pursue your own style and your passion for life and art. I also hope to help you with editing tools, marketing tools, tips and fun designs to showcase and/or market your images. I am an artist and a mom on a journey to make art, live naturally, and serve others and God.
    I hope you will join me...

This brand new set of Adobe Lightroom (RAW editing program) Presets makes editing your images with stylized beauty simple and easy. With one click your images will have that classic American vintage feel. It comes with 18 Lightroom presets designed to emulate different types of film both black and white and color. Many have a […]

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  • karen wolters

    i love using actions. makes editing so much faster and coolerReplyCancel

Respecting the Impossible For Art’s Sake Professional Photographer’s Challenge When I hang out with my 3 year old, we do a lot of pretending. A box becomes a car and then instantly turns into a spaceship. We go from  a party at her imaginary friend’s house into outer space within minutes. She is a doctor […]

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What Happened to The Blog On TheShoppeDesigns.Com? We got a facelift!! Not only that, but we’ve also grown! The Shoppe Actions & Designs owner, the talented Meghan Aileen, has opened the doors to her studio, her office, and even her home, to bring our blog readers and customers on a journey or two with her, […]

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    We’re CELEBRATING!! You’re invited to join us this week for your chance to WIN. YOU COULD OWN EVERY SET OF PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS IN THE SHOPPE   WHO: FOR YOU! From The Shoppe Designs. WHAT: A chance for you to WIN EVERY set of Photoshop Actions in The Shoppe For FREE!! PRIZE DETAILS BELOW. WHEN: […]

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Welcome to my new journey I am calling Holistic & Inspired.  So what does wellness or holistic living have to do with photography you ask? Good question  As creative people wellness is very important. When trying to be creative, especially on demand like we have to do when we run a business, feeling your best is really helpful. […]

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