September 10, 2010

Shoppe Talk ~ Building Your Brand ~ Part Three

Shoppe Talk ~ Building Your Brand ~ Part Three
by Rebecca Shostak

Welcome to part three of Building Your Brand!

Let’s assume, for a moment, that you have decided to use the “Eden” branding pack from The Shoppe as the new facade of your business. You would first outfit each template with your business name, tagline, website, contact information, etc. You would update your blog to have the “Eden” repeating background image of your choice, use the included thank you notes on your current clients, hand out the trifolds / accordion folds / promo cards to your prospective clients and perhaps mail them to members of your community, and use the logo/fonts on your website. You might also add the orange floral elements to your website, use the blue and tan color scheme, and pick a few photos for the front of your site that would also be visible on your branding materials. Using consistent design on your advertising will eventually establish your brand visually in people’s minds. With a little luck, now, when they think of photography, they will remember the orange flower elements, your name, your photos. Once you have established your brand in your community, you can start branching out to more subtle marketing techniques!

Going back to the techniques we see used in the Snickers and Nike ads, you may eventually be able to develop your brand so strongly that you would only need, say, the orange floral element to be visible on your materials to have people know which business is being represented. Although your brand probably won’t be as universally recognizable as the Nike swoosh, people in your community may associate just the orange flowers with your photography business after seeing them appear with your logo on websites, print advertisements, and mailings. You may choose to have a storefront, in which case just the orange flowers on their own would make a powerful statement:


They may see your car parked at a wedding venue, making the connection between the orange flowers and your mailing piece from a few months ago, and remember to call you up for a holiday portrait session:


Just remember, it all starts with consistency! You can take a brand from something no one has ever heard of to completely recognizable with just a simple graphic element. A lot of that beginning work has already been done for you in The Shoppe, so if you take a series of designs, customize them, and run with it, you can become a branding force in your community!

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