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Loading Brush Packs

1. Download your brush pack zip file into an accessible place on your computer.

2. Unzip the files to an accessible place on your computer. There should be a text document and an .ABR file within the downloaded zip file. The .ABR file is what you will want to be working with!

3. It is best to keep all your brushes in one easy place. Photoshop does this for you by having a “brushes” folder within the program files. Copy or drag the .ABR file into Photoshop’s pre-defined brushes area. On a PC, you can find this folder by going to Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop (any version you are using) > Presets > Brushes. If you are on a Mac, you cna find this folder by going to Applications > Photoshop > Presets > Brushes.

4. Open Photoshop. If it is open already, the brushes will not appear until you close and re-open the program. Do so now.

5. You will need to open the preset manager. You may do this by going to your top menu and selecting Edit > Preset Manager. A pop-up window with multiple brush icons will come up.

6. In the preset manager, you will see all of the brush icons in your currently selected brush set. On the far right-hand side there is a button labeled “Load”. Click it.

7. Locate the .ABR file you have copied into the Photoshop brushes directory. Select the .ABR file and then click “Load” at the bottom of the pop-up window. You will then see the library display the icons of your new brush set. Select the brush tool from your tools palette and you are ready to go!

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